Liquid Level Switch Type EC-12 Liquid Level Switch TypeEC-12

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pressure working: 16 bar
Working temperature: 220°C
connection screwed

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General information Liquid Level Switch Type EC12 Liquid Level Switch Type EC12
Level switch type EC-12 is useful device to control level of liquids.  Its working attributes  are : 16bar working pressure or1" NPT screwed connection, 220 °C or 428°F working temperature  and it is produced base on DIN or ANSI standards. This device is used in Boiler, DE aerator or under pressure , Fuel , water and condensate tanks.  

Function Liquid Level Switch Type EC12 Liquid Level Switch Type EC12
Change of liquid level causes movement of floater in device case and this movement force is transferred to mercury switches through connection lever and axis rotation by holder arms and causes movement of mercury inside the switch from one side to another side and ultimately causes establish current between it's electrodes.  By   this way (ON-OFF) commands can be sent to electrical circuits and control different equipment such as pumps, solenoids and result, liquid level is fixed on the adjustment set point.


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