Liquid Level Switch Type EC-8 Liquid Level Switch TypeEC-8

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Working pressure PN16-PN40
Working temperature: 150°C

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General information Liquid Level Switch Type EC-8 Liquid Level Switch Type EC-8
1- Working Range:

Level switch type LS-08 is useful device  to control level of liquids.  Its working  attributes  are : 16/40bar nominal pressure, screwed or flanged connection , 150 °C or 302° F working temperature  . this device is used in water, fuel , acid, detractor tanks and also condensate, under pressure caldrons ,water treatment systems and etc.


Function Liquid Level Switch Type EC-8 Liquid Level Switch Type EC-8
Function of this device is based on electro-magnetic. with change of liquid level, the floater ball move up and down (vertically) on the device rod. This movement stimulates the sensor which are improvised in slightly height, By this way ON-OFF commands are sent to the electrical circuits for controlling electrical equipment such as Electro-pumps, solenoid valve by panel or without it . All parts inside liquid are made of stainless steel and have durable life. This instrument is thoroughly sealed against penetration of water and has possibility to install more sensor on its rod for using alarms. It is mounted from side or above of reservoirs and can be equipped with more than one floater to get more safety factor and changes activity of switches.


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